Sunday, October 27, 2013

I Can't Believe it's Almost November! (peek at week)

Can you believe it? I sure can't! Where has this year gone?
I will say that no matter how quickly the year is going, my kiddos are learning! One of our big Intervention tools that we use 4 to 5 days a week is I-Station.

Each Friday I give them an On-Demand assessment to see their progress. We started in the middle of September with this program and I had 10/18 students that tested into the program as a Tier 3. To say I was defeated was an understatement. We have been plugging through though and working hard. During their last assessment this past Friday I have gone from 10 Tier 3's to only 6 and two of those will probably test out next week.
Now they will still remain on the I-Station program until they test out on the Benchmark. But I am excited. 2 of those 6 are on IEP's and one other is ESL. Two of mine that moved up, made a big leap to Tier 1!  So my head has been held up a little higher lately.

Are there programs that you use like I-Station? Or do you use I-Station?

We also purchased Reading Eggs as a school for our kinders and 1st graders. We let our Tier 1 kiddos use this program while the others are on I-Station. And ALL students can have access to it at home. It's another great program with games and repetition for letters, sight words and emergent reading.

On to plans for this week:
Click the pic to download.

Are you finding my plans useful? I know I don't add pics or anything to them and sometimes I just skim the details. But this is what works for me. If you ever need any more information about what I do or use, please email me or message me on my Facebook Page.

This week, I do want to share one thing I've been using in our Work on Writing Daily. I introduced it to my kiddos last week and they LOVED it.

This is from Maggie's Kindergarten Printables on TPT. You can click the Pin and it will take you to her store. The kiddos trace the sentence with a white crayon and can draw something on the picture with the white crayon and then paint over it to reveal the "magic" words. They love the "magic" of the resist. I make them read each word as they paint over it and then they have to write their sentence in their writing journal and draw the picture. It's been a great reinforcement of sight words and sentence writing and it really got my kiddos to love writing.  Thanks Maggie!!!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. We use istation as well and I love the data that is just at your fingertips. Seeing them move up levels is also awesome! My only issue with it is the kiddos get bored very quickly. That's the only real program that we use-there are some other games I let them play online though-just to keep their heads in the game! :)


  2. This is my first year with iStation and I'm still not impressed. I love the data that it gives you, but I listened to one of the questions one day and just thought some of the material was a little tough. Love the magic writing suggestion too!

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